Principal's letters

At DMES we have benefitted enormously from the generosity and foresight of those who came before us.   We have been blessed with a community of engaged and supportive families and friends. 

We are also innovative, ensuring that we continually develop DMES to meet the needs of future generations of children.  That is why we have embarked upon our most ambitious and exciting building project in more recent years: two new buildings in which to house our students, and which will open in September 2017.

We have also set ourselves the ambitious challenge of developing our library facilities for the school year 2017/18, in line with the launch of ‘DMES Reads’ where we hope to inspire our students to take the first steps in becoming life-long readers.

In our efforts to keep our tuitions low and dedication to support your students through excellent classroom teachers, we sometimes need some additional philanthropic support to fully realize the plans for new facilities. In the coming year we will reach out to parents, families and businesses who would like to become involved in our ‘DMES Reads’ Committee (September 2017). We welcome the ideas and energy from families and parents to realize the dream – a fully stocked state of the art library that will serve students in years to come.

We are fully aware of just how much we owe to those who conceive, support and help develop our school projects and upgrade our offerings to the our children.  

Our real delight is that when we have a fully functioning library full of books, it will benefit every single child at DMES.  We very much hope you will join with us in creating this legacy for Dubai Modern Education School’s future.

 – Michael Cipriano