Our Team

At DMES, we are committed to providing a quality service that meets the high expectations that we set for ourselves, and the high expectations that our clients deserve. As such, we aim to employ and retain dedicated professionals who are fully trained and certified in specialist subjects and the field of education.

Our ongoing program of professional development ensures that the strategies, methods and resources used, reflect the standards of best practice from around the world. Our training programs are subject to stringent review and internal evaluation, for quality assurance purposes, and are continually updated to ensure that high standards of teaching and learning are provided and maintained.

        As a part of our teaching philosophy, we require our teachers to:

  • Actively engage students in their own learning.
  • Systematically develop students’ learning skills so that they become increasingly independent.
  • Use assessment for learning techniques to help students reflect on what they know and set targets for the future.
  • Use stimulating activities in well-paced lessons.
  • Create a purposeful atmosphere that promotes good learning.
  • Provide the care and kindness that our students deserve.