Facilities & New Developments


‘Enhancing the facilities at Dubai Modern Education School is essential if we are to continue improving the quality of teaching and learning and ultimately, student success’.

Our vision is to ensure that Dubai Modern Education School remains one of the country’s happiest, family-orientated, inspirational and innovative schools.

While the academic curriculum is at the core of what we do, sports and extra-curricular activities develop our student’s independence and co-operation, greatly supporting their learning in the classroom. There is no doubt that having the right facilities in place is key to enabling us to do this.

Much has been achieved already. We are very grateful to those who have made generous donations in the past which, together with the wise allocation of our surplus funds, has allowed us to make improvements to our facilities.

Our capital development plan is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: New Building

By September 2017 we will have successfully completed the building of two senior school centers, freeing up the space for Elementary and Middle School classrooms in the main building.

Phase 2: New library facilities

With ‘reading’ as the main focus for 2017/18 we would like to direct parents’ attention to our current libraries that are presently in need of refurbishment and are in short supply of interesting reading material and technology.

2016/17 saw the costly purchase of a reading scheme that supports in-class guided reading from Grade 1-12. However, ‘real’ books are essential for students to develop the habit of reading regularly.

  • The Academic Vice Principal has worked closely with Zayed University and the school librarians to determine a way forward – purchasing books that are suitable for EAL learners, according to topic or genre, from a number of different publishers; and organizing these in a manner that is clear and manageable.


  • In support of this library development, the school would introduce Mreader as a way of monitoring the reading habits of individual students. This program allows teachers to control how frequently students can take quizzes and what level of book difficulty they may take a quiz on.

For further information regarding ‘How You Can Help’ the development of the library, please click here: ‘DMES Reads’.

Phase 3:

Updating Sports facilities. More on this to come.

How you can help

We are hoping to raise ?... towards the costs of the new library facilities and, in time, sports facilities. If you would like to become involved or learn more about our plans,

please contact

Dubai Modern Education School is equipped with state of the art facilities for students in terms of educational resources, sports, computer Labs, science laboratories & health offices etc,


Auditorium-cum-multipurpose hall is used for a variety of school activities which includes, but is not limited to, drama and musical performances, assemblies and guest lectures, movie screenings, training and workshops for staff and students. The hall is equipped with the latest sound and video system.

Health Offices

There are three School Health Offices at Dubai Modern Education School: one is located in the Kindergarten School building; the second is located in the MOE School building; and the third is in the US School building. Dubai Modern Education School also has a full time physician who supports all offices on campus.

School Libraries

The libraries at DMES are at the center of the school community, providing opportunities for reading and research, whether it’s in support of classroom work or simply to explore a particular area of interest. DMES contains 3 libraries; 2 in the US section and 1 in the MoE section. Each library offers a comfortable, stimulating and supportive learning environment. Surrounded by books, computers and other resources, students gain an appreciation of reading and researching as sources of both pleasure and personal growth.

Conference Room




Swimming Pool


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