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1 February 2018, 7:10 am
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Dear Parents


We know parenting is sometimes difficult; but good parenting is to send your child to school every single day. 

if the UAE is going to be competitive in the world, we need to be able to provide a good education for your children but WE CANNOT DO SO IF YOU, AS PARENTS, ALLOW THEM TO STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL!


Please do not listen to your child when they tell you nothing is happening at School.  That is not true, we work hard to provide opportunities for your child to learn every day. We have important work to do with your children yet many parents keep their children out of school.


With Grade 5-8 exam over, the teachers are now entering an intense 'review and reflect' period, with their classes and in one to one meetings with students. This period will last until February 6th.


Every teacher will be providing:

  • Exam feedback - going through every question and answer
  • Student review of own exam - studying their paper and identifying where they went right and where they went wrong
  • MAP performance
  • Review of Attainment and Commitment to Learning Grades
  • Target/Goal setting to help students improve their performance for Semester 2

All of the above will help students perform at a higher level in Semester 2.


Well done to every parent who sent their children to school for the first Review day. Your children are going to be much better prepared for Semester 2 and more likely to progress at a faster rate than those who do not attend. 


I would advise parents, who kept their children at home, to get their children to school - they are missing out on important information and an important process that will not be repeated.


Kindest Regards

Michael Cipriano


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