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5 December 2017, 6:27 am
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After School Academic Support Program

3:30-4:30 Sunday-Monday-Wednesday

Final Exam Preparations

 We know our students need extra help in getting ready for exams. We have created an After School Academic Support Program. There will be no “Taquea” or special tutoring before quizzes.

Private tutoring by our teachers is wrong and should never happen. Our teachers work to do what is best to help your child succeed without this kind of action.

Our After School Academic Support Program is for students who are working hard in their classes but still need some extra help in their classes.

We will be providing the After School Academic Support lessons in a five week session leading to final exams.

Support Days

                Sundays – English and Islamic

                Mondays – Arabic, Science and French

                Tuesdays – None

                Wednesdays – Math and Social Studies

Each lesson will have from 10-15 students and teachers will give help on homework and prepare for tests or quizzes.

Parents may sign their students for up to 3 days a week (e.g. student may come on Sundays for English support and Wednesdays for Math support).

Final Exam Preparation

Week of December 10, January 14, 21, 28 February 4


Session Fees      One class per week                         AED 750 for 5 sessions

                            Two classes per week                    AED 1400 for 10 sessions

                            Three Classes per week                AED 2000 for 15 sessions


Fees will be collected in the accounting office only. No Fees will be collected by teachers or supervisors. Receipts must be given for entry into the class.

Students Name _________________________________ Homeroom__________________

We want our child to get extra help in:   (choose only one per day)









Social Studies


We would like to pay for our child to get extra Academic support in the above classes (Check no more than 3 and only one per day). We have attached a check or cash for _________________ to pay for one two or three classes per week.

Parent Signature______________________________   Date ____________________

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