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25 October 2017, 9:03 am
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The 2017 DMES Literature Festival returns!

This year, the festival will run from Sunday, 5 November to Thursday, 9 November, and it will bring together the talent and ideas of international and local authors.

Held over five days, the program will feature engaging presentations, writing workshops and a reading camp, as well as many other educational activities, which will inspire students to discuss books, write and be creative.

The month of November also opens ‘DMES Reads’ - a celebration of reading across the whole school, and a mission to improve all students’ reading levels! Students will become part of the DMES journey to discover books and the wonderful world of getting lost in reading.

Here are also the titles of the novels that the students will be able to buy:

  • Darkness of Dragons

  • Sophie & the Albino Camel

  • Sophie & the Locust Curse

  • Sophie & the Pancake Plot 

  • The Name is Kade                                               

  • A Strange Land

  • The No 7 Shirt

  • The Lion Roars

  • The Thee Heads of Cerberus

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