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10 October 2017, 7:56 am
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Dear Parents,

Please be informed that MAP Growth testing will commence next week and will continue until Thursday 26th October. Every Grade will be given one day on which to complete all MAP tests under exam conditions. This first round of MAP testing is the baseline for this school year.

MAP Growth tests are required for each student and used to measure academic progress by KHDA and the School Administration.

We encourage your children to take these tests seriously. Their growth and attainment, from October to January, form part of each student’s final semester grade in English, Math and Science (10%).

All MAP Growth testing will take place in the school computer labs using school computers.


Week 1 of MAP Tests 15-19th Oct Week 2 of MAP Tests 22nd-26th Oct   

      Grade 3 - 15th

Grade 8 - 22nd

Grade 4 - 16th

Grade 9 - 23rd

Grade 5 - 17th

Grade 10 - 24th

Grade 6 -18th

Grade 11 – 25th

Grade 7 - 19th

 Grade 12 - 26th


Math Map testing:

Students in Grades 9-12, who are following specific Math courses, will sit specific Math Map tests.

  • Algebra A and B, and Pre Calculus Classes, will sit ‘Integrated Math 1’.
  • General Math and Pre Algebra or Business Math will sit ‘Math 6+’.


Student who are absent on the day that their Grade takes the MAP Growth Test, will not have a second opportunity. We will use their June 2017 MAP test result as the baseline from which to measure growth; or, in the case of new students, their admission MAP Test.


Please note the MAP tests are computerized tests owned by an international educational organization. The school administration has no influence over the results and scores. The scores will be automatically calculated and sent to the school administration - this may take a few days.

We encourage all parents to look at the School Exam Policy which is available from the Examination Department.

For further support, please do not hesitate to contact the Examination Department Supervisor, Ms. Arwa Salman.

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