School Uniform

Dress Code




 Girls: KG

Boys: KG 

 Yellow shirt with dark blue skirt.  Yellow shirt with dark blue trousers.
 Sport Uniform:  Sport Uniform:
 Boys/Girls: White sweater with light green pants.  Boys/Girls: White sweater with light green pants.

Girls:  Grades 1 to 12

Boys: Grades 1 to 12

Navy blue skirt and sky blue shirt with long  sleeves

Sky blue shirt with navy blue trousers

Long hair is to be tied back

Safe, flat, black shoes

Only black scarf is allowed

White socks

Make up or flashy jewelry is not permitted

Slippers are not allowed.

No nail polish


No sandals or slippers are allowed.



Please Note:

Students wearing incorrect uniform will be sent to the supervisor's Office where their parents will be contacted and requested to bring in the correct uniform.

Wearing caps or hats inside the school building is not acceptable.


PE Uniform

All students must wear the school’s official PE uniform during PE classes, or they will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. Students are to bring their swimming suits to school and change into it for swimming lessons.