A Whole School Commitment to Learning – An Integrated Approach to Behavior Management (Grades 5-12) Featured

5 October 2017, 5:30 am Written by  VP Students Services
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Our promise is to protect the rights of every student to learn and enjoy school.


Dear Parents

You will probably be aware that we have introduced a new approach to your child’s commitment to his/her learning both at home and school. We refer to it as COMMITMENT TO LEARNING PLAN – (CLP). We believe that students who are more focused in their commitment behave appropriately. They see learning as a priority; they are engaged and develop powerful learning strategies.

Highly effective and powerful teachers teach by engaging students. There is no separate behavior management system at the class level. The overarching philosophy of the plan is to shift 100% of responsibility for learning and behaving to students—where it belongs—but in a way that motivates them to eagerly take this responsibility.

The approach is underpinned by a COMMITMENT TO LEARNING PLAN – (CLP) which will be explained below.


Powerful teachers use the CLP which is absolutely non-negotiable. The plan is underpinned by both learning and relationship building behaviors, the components of which are as follows. Students’:


Importantly, every teacher is committed to a whole school system (modified for the different areas of the School), so that students learn and enjoy school. Success depends on whole school staff, student and family support and commitment.

What does the whole school system CLP look like? How does it work? What is: A Whole School Commitment to Learning – An Integrated Approach to Behavior Management?

Students must be committed to achieving excellence in the above 6 components, some of which are more learning dominated while others have a more behavioral emphasis.

How do we commit to the approach in practical terms?

The driving force behind the approach are the 6 components which will be prominently displayed in the classroom and around the school. Following discussion and explanation at the beginning of the year (and at appropriate times throughout the year), students and teachers gain a common understanding of both the components and the system.

Each student starts with 2 points for each component for each lesson. Each time the student’s behavior for the component does not meet the standard, the teacher records an X in the appropriate box on the form provided. The scores are tallied at the end of the week. Importantly, students will have access to their weekly scores. These scores will be discussed every Thursday in Family House groups giving the teachers the opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses of individual students across the different subjects.

The data will be entered into a spreadsheet which will tally the scores for the term. These will be used as the basis for the EFFORT grade which will be communicated to you at the end of each term. However, we are hoping to integrate this system into Paradigm to give you regular updates.

Those students who attain:

  1. 1.a perfect score in each subject, will be presented with a certificate which recognizes the following: Outstanding Commitment to Learning.
  2. 2.between 90 and 100%, Very Good Commitment to Learning

Michael Chittenden

VP Student Services

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