Special Education

SEN Provision

DMES provides specially designed instruction, support and services to students with identified disabilities such as:

  • autism
  • learning difficulties
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder AD/HD
  • attention deficit disorder ADD
  • developmental delay
  • speech and language disorder and
  • hearing and visual impairments

The SEN department supports those with disabilities that require an individually designed instructional program to meet their unique learning needs.

The SEN department aims to enable students so that they can develop to their fullest potential, and enhance their set of skills with the help of appropriate intervention programs such as:

  • specially prepared lesson plans and resources
  • developing and adapting conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of students
  • using techniques and facilities to stimulate interest in learning
  • collaborating with the class room teacher to define appropriate activities for the students in relation to the curriculum
  • developing individual education plans to meet the needs of the students
  • conducting regular observation of students in their class environment to accommodate the students' needs and monitor progress
  • managing challenging behavior and designing behavior strategies
  • updating and maintaining records of students' progress
  • conducting teacher training workshops
  • adopting extracurricular activities
  • liaising closely with parents and guardians to maintain ongoing dialogue to build thriving bridges between the school and the students' home environments.


To find out more about the SEN program and discuss whether your child requires extra support, please contact the Head of SEN, Mr. Hady.