International Mindedness

DMES has been accredited for International School Award by British Council in 2014. This award is the authentication that school values the meaning of Global Citizenship by writing School’s International Policy, it has embedded Global Dimensions in the curriculum, and devised a System to develop student as Global Personality.

International Mindedness is a concept which explains the personality of a child who has all necessary knowledge, skills, and behavior to successfully lead his life as a member of a global society. Our students are taught the meanings of global dimensions. They are interacting with students sitting in another classroom thousands KM away from them in different countries. They see each other in front of them on classroom screens, listen to their views, feel about their issues and evaluate critically on their concerns.

Teachers have been trained formally for designing and executing international activities. They are developing an idea, mapping into curriculum, inserting into activity template, communicating with international school, preparing action plans, and implementing according to the prescribed schedule. Parents, and other members of the school community participate in all these activities and developing an ethos of international mindedness in the school.