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“Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.” Galileo

"Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences." Gauss

The Math department at Dubai Modern Education School believes that a high-quality mathematics program is essential for all students; as is the need to provide every student with the opportunity to access a full range of future career paths. Mathematics trains the mind to be analytical - providing a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Mathematics is critical for all students, not only those who will have careers that demand advanced mathematical preparation, but for all citizens living in the twenty-first century.

To compete successfully in the worldwide economy, today's students must have a high degree of comprehension in mathematics.

Proficiency in mathematics is not an innate characteristic; it is achieved through persistence, effort, and practice on the part of students and rigorous and effective instruction on the part of teachers. Parents and teachers must provide support and encouragement.

The DMES standards focus on essential content for all students; and prepare students for the study of advanced mathematics, science and technical careers, and postsecondary study in all content areas.

All students are required to:

  • Solve problems.
  • Develop abstract, analytical thinking skills.
  • Learn to deal effectively and comfortably with variables and equations.
  • Use mathematical notation effectively to model situations.
  • Develop fluency in basic computational skills.
  • Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Communicate precisely about quantities, logical relationships, and unknown values through the use of signs, symbols, models, graphs, and mathematical terms.
  • Reason mathematically by gathering data, analyzing evidence, and building arguments to support or refute hypotheses.
  • Make connections among mathematical ideas and between mathematics and other disciplines.
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