School Policies

The School has a wide range of policies to ensure fair, consistent, clear standards and practices as well compliance with applicable laws and ethical norms in education. School policies cover a wide range of topics and apply to students, employees, faculty and other categories of school affiliates.

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Admissions Related Policy 410 Student Admissions سياسة القبول والتسجيل

Policy 415 SEN Admissions

سياسة قبول وتسجيل الطلبة ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة
Policy 401 Student Attendance سياسة الحضور

School Financial Policy

(Registration/ Tuition Pyament/ Withdraw)

سياسات المدرسة المالية الخاصة

(التسجيل / استيفاء الرسوم / انسحاب )

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Child Protection Child Protection Policy سياسة حماية الطفل
MoE Assessment 2016-17 Assignment Guidelines سياسة التقويم والامتحانات
Internet Safety
Safety Guidelines


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