Learning Resources Centre

The American Learning Resources Centre Consists of (937) titles covering a variety of topics and primarily caters to all American section students. Learning Resources Centre includes books of English language – Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Accounting – Business – Economics – Information Technology – History – Religion – Arabic, Encyclopaedias and CDs. Also there is a Data show.


Books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification System:


000 – 099 Generalities.

100 – 199 Philosophy and Psychology.

200 – 299 Religion.

300 – 399 Social Science.

400 – 499 Language.

500 – 599 Natural Science and Mathematics.

600 – 699 Technology (Applied Science).

700 – 799 The Arts.

800 – 899 Literature and Rhetoric.

900 – 999 Geography and History.


Our Learning Resources Centre reflects our school’s vision of establishing quality learning environment as we wish to be recognized as a school that provides knowledge and skills relevant to living in a constantly changing world. Introducing students to Information and Technology develop their awareness and knowledge, encourages social interaction between students inside and outside the Learning Resources Centre, develops students inside and outside also and develops student’s reading skills. Our Resources Centre has a unique setup that also encourages social interaction between students and provides them with easy access technology. Our goals are to enhance the school curriculum with additional resources by providing materials for reading resources for school work and activities, (supporting the students with the information needed to build a responsible and intellectual generation). There is no set schedule for using the Resources Centre; the students have free access during their free time. Teachers can make prior arrangement for the class to access the Resources Centre for research or using the Data show. Learning Resources Centre card is issued to students for borrowing books, every book has an issue card which indicates borrow and return dates, students are allowed to borrow the book for 15 days and if they did not finish it in this period they can extend their borrowing to another 15 days until they finish the book. There is a computer Program to record the borrowing and books in case of damaging or losing the borrowing book. Learning Resources Centre is mostly aligned with the needs of our curriculum, students and staff. The school is continuously purchasing books, periodicals and media toward the development of a more comprehensive collection of pint and non-print media which is necessary to support the school’s curriculum objectives. All subjects’ teachers have regular access to the resources center during the week. A strategic technology improvement plan has been put into place to expand technology with specific updates and support. The school offers enough resources in technology to both students and teachers to support and enhance the educational program; the school recognizes the additional need for technological support.


Learning Resources Centre Rules:


  • -No food or drinks allowed inside the resources centre.
  • -No mobiles or Walkman allowed inside the resources centre.
  • -Students should keep the resources centre well organized.
  • -Chairs must be returned to their places.
  • -Students should be completely quiet in the resources centre.
  • -Checked out materials must be returned on time.


Policy selection of Learning Resources Centre and Media materials:


The approval for the purchase of the media materials must be made by the School Principal according to the teacher’s need and recommendation, materials are evaluated before purchase based upon the following criteria:


  • -Materials support the school curriculum and mission.
  • -Materials represent various reading.
  • -Materials appropriate.
  • -Materials must not include any titles prohibited by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • -Well known authors, organization and publishers are considered during purchase.