DMES is accredited by the International Commission for  Academic   Accreditation AdvancED based in the state of Arizona, USA . It adopts more than 8,500 schools and educational institution around the world. The Council of Academic Accreditation (NCA CASI) is a member of the International and national accreditation evaluation of schools AdvancED.

Vision of the International Commission for Academic Accreditation AdvancED: commitment to stay at the forefront of excellence in developing and improving the education system and learning about the world.

DMES has met all standard requirements established by AdvancED accreditation commission and has been fully accredited by the north central accreditation commission on accreditation and school improvement. (NCA & CASI)

This is an impressive achievement, since (NCA &CASI) is an alliance of the largest American accrediting associations. The certification assures international schools and universities world-wide that DMES maintains exemplary standards.

This will facilitate student’s university applications and acceptances, and for those students transferring from DMES in UAE or outside.